The folks at Goebel Furniture make amazing wooden furniture the old fashioned way: the create design permutations in CAD/CAM, 3D print demo models, and then carve and shape every piece to the customer’s exact requirements. Run by Martin Goebel, the company makes commercial and domestic furniture. The commercial stuff is amazingly heavy and hearty while the domestic furniture is almost whimsical.

We visited Goober’s workshop in St. Louis where he ages hardwood and forms it into some amazing stuff. It’s a unique place, hidden inside an old car dealership and down the street from a trendy whiskey bar, and the heady scent of sawdust greets you as you enter from behind. The company dogs lope out to greet you when you come in from the rear alley and Goebel himself, a trained woodworker, casts an air of charm and duty. It’s a fun place that makes great stuff.

Enjoy our video visit and check them out online here.

  1. Goebel Co Workshop

  2. Goebel Co Workshop Wall

  3. Goebel Co Wood Stack

  4. Goebel Co Wood Stack Detail

  5. Goebel Co Wood Stack 3

  6. Goebel Co Wood Stack 2

  7. Goebel Co Storefront

  8. Goebel Co Storefront Wide

  9. Goebel Co Magazine

  10. Goebel Co Dog Days

  11. Goebel Co Curved Chair

  12. Goebel Co Chalkboard

  13. Goebel Co Chairs

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