The oddly named uBirds is manufacturing while Switzerland burns. Their product, called the Unique, is essentially a smart watch hidden inside your watch band. This way you can strap on your Panerai or RGM and rock out while your band buzzes, not your watch.

Creating a “convertible” watch seems to be Switzerland’s Grail Quest. This solution, created by a company based in Poland, is one of the more clever solutions I’ve seen in a while simply because the entire thing is carefully hidden. The band contains an LED, a piezo buzzer, activity sensor, and Bluetooth chip. Your phone can send signals to the band to let you know when someone is calling or it’s time to hit your next appointment. From the Kickstarter page:

I’ve seen this in action multiple times and have come away impressed with the quality and ambition. The straps are slightly thicker than traditional watch bands but, given the prevalence for cuff-like bands these days, they won’t seem odd. They are priced at $199 right now but you can get one for $139 during the early bird offer. They are looking to raise $50,000 and they are already half way there.

The Unique is a clever solution to a thorny problem. While it is not quite as unique as its name – there are plenty of iterations on this idea out there these days – this one is the most unobtrusive. It’s well worth a closer look, at the very least.

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