ONE-TIME TABLET MAKER HP is considering running Windows 8 on its recently discontinued Touchpad tablet.

HP’s decision to dump its WebOS hardware business had left the company selling Touchpads at bargain basement prices. Now it seems that some HP engineers are playing around with loading Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system on the device in a bid to show it has a future.

HP seemed to be caught out by demand for its cut-priced Touchpads, with the firm deciding to make a second batch of Touchpads, though there’s no word on when those will go to sale. Now if it is playing around with Windows 8 on tablets, there’s a chance that either HP will revive the Touchpad or design another tablet altogether.

While HP’s new CEO, Meg Whitman decides on whether to backtrack on former boss Leo Apotheker’s wholesale changes to the firm, some in HP’s WebOS team are claiming that the firm is talking to buyers. The always fair and balanced Fox News claims HP is meeting with HTC, LG, Nikon and Amazon to discuss a potential sale.

If HP is indeed talking to companies such as HTC and Amazon, then it is likely that the WebOS operating system will pop-up in tablets and smartphones in the future. However HP’s poor treatment of what is considered one of the best smartphone operating systems around would not have endeared it to potential buyers.