BusyMinds Inc. is one of the IT Trading & solution providers open to domestic as well as international markets. We are freelancers in the field of IT and Telephony. We were born and brought up in the UAE. For us, each project is a challenge and completing the same within specified time frame and the client's satisfaction is the final goal.

System Analysis & Design

In respect of application areas which need to be computerized, we will do a detailed fact finding to establish the user requirements in these areas. We will have a lot of interaction with the clients staff at this stage and will discuss the system design fully so as to obtain the benefit of their knowledge and experience. Interim recommendations will be made, where necessary.

System Development & Implementation

BusyMinds Inc. has the expertise to develop systems on minicomputers using 'state-of-the-art' technology as well as on personal range of computers, local area networks etc. We will provide comprehensive documentation about the system which will make their future maintenance easier and faster.